High-Impact Consulting

We support your planning, management, and delivery activities before, during, and after your software projects.

Our High-Impact Consulting services are results oriented, flexible and collaborative, and cost-effective.

Results Oriented

Flexible & Collaborative


DATE: 5-25-12
LOCATION: Bldg. 30 - FCR-1 (30M/231) 
SUBJECT: SpaceX Dragon capsule rendezvous and capture
PHOTOGRAPHER: Lauren Harnett

Pre-Project Support

Before your project starts, we assist your organization with

  • Responses & RFPs
  • Statements of Work
  • Roadmaps & Strategies

Project Support

During your project, we assist your project team & stakeholders with

  • Scheduling & Tracking
  • Migrations & Cleanups
  • Deployments & Releases

Post-Project Support

After your project ends, we assist your project manager with

  • Project Reports
  • Feedback & Lessons Learned
  • Templates & Accelerators

Results Oriented

We focus entirely on the end result: helping you deliver a successful software solution that meets your project goals and objectives, within your budget and schedule.

Key Benefits

  • Scientific approach: Observe, Plan, Do, Study, Adjust
  • Converts your business goals into SMART project objectives
  • Emphasizes User Adoption and Change Management

Flexible & Collaborative

Helping you deliver successful projects is our mission. We're experienced, adaptable, and committed to your success. We're ready and able to contribute to your project team, in the way that works best for you.

Key Benefits

  • Partnership with your project manager and team
  • 1st or 2nd level project delivery support, as you prefer
  • Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, Kanban? We adapt to you
  • Secure remote collaboration
  • Regular calls and web meetings
  • Service desk to handle your unexpected needs


Our services are good value for your money. We will reduce your risk of project budget and schedule overruns, while accelerating your project team's productivity with our accelerator tools, templates, and content.

Key Benefits

  • Project acceleration using our tools, templates, and content
  • Detailed task definitions and accurate estimate ranges
  • Effort charged in 30 minute blocks for maximum budget flexibility

For Consulting Firms

Tailor made for consulting firms: maximize the effectiveness of your skilled consultants; control project delivery risks to budget, schedule, and scope; resolve issues; and successfully manage client expectations.

For Software Vendors

Ensure your professional services team and consulting partners successfully deploy your software reliably and profitably; ensure that your happy customers spread the good word about your results!

For Senior Management

We can help your project team implement your software technology roadmap. Control delivery risks, resolve project issues, measurably achieve your project objectives, and improve end user adoption and change management outcomes.

Your needs are unique.

Let's schedule a call to see how we can help you.