Comprehensive, Integrated Solutions

Deploy Solutions connects Earth observation data with the needs of organisations and businesses by providing innovative Space Apps - software applications which use data from space.


Software solution, documentation, and tools provided under open source license whenever possible, to encourage adoption and increase quality.


Rapid delivery achieved using accelerators and standardization, via our unique software factory technology and approach.


Practical "Experiment" and evidence-based approach, with iterative cycles to promote learning and sustainable performance improvements.


Our delivery methodology is based on over two decades of global and award-winning software development experience.


We set - and then track and deliver against - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Rewarding, Time-bound (SMART) project goals and objectives.

We use our unique methodology and technology to reduce your software project's cost, duration, effort, and risk.

App Discovery and Design

Working with you via remote workshops, we identify how software and big data can achieve your user requirements, data and reporting needs, within project constraints. We then document the architecture and design of the solution you need. You can use this information for planning or budgeting, or as the starting point for a prototype.

Up to 10 hours of guided, high-value remote workshops

Identify how to map your business goals and user needs to software requirements and user experiences

Documented system requirements, architecture, and design

Delivery strategy and plan for building the software application


App Prototyping

Using the App Discovery and Design as a starting point, along with some data samples, we rapidly produce a working prototype hosted in our cloud - completely turn-key! All you have to do is point your desired URL at it. Now you can show the "art of the possible" to your prospective clients and parters, at trade shows, during internal projects, or for paid client work.

Working software solution with multiple components and options including website, report viewer and VPN-free secure data access down-to-the-desktop.

Securely hosted in our cloud for months, no need for your own infrastructure or heavy involvement from your busy IT staff.

Provide your own custom domain name, logo, and other elements to brand it your way.

Multiple login accounts so you can access and test the website, reporting engine, and other prototype features securely

Use the prototype to do a "live" evaluation of your actual needs - this is the best way to build software!

Rapid Application Development (RAD)

Using the App Discovery and Design, and App Prototyping solution results, and our unique software factory technology and approach, we build your production-ready software application. We create multiple rapid iterations, hosted in our cloud, to solicit your feedback and test the functionality to your satisfaction. When you're happy with the results, we deliver the code and documentation so you can install the software in your own environment.

Start from a strong foundation - the results of the previous work means we have a clear, shared understanding of your real project needs and what is required to deliver on them.

We create multiple iterations of the software, using our software factory, to give you maximum input in the development process

We support custom development and third-party component integration through a module and standards-based approach

We handover all solution code and documentation so you can deploy and maintain the software into your own production environment.


Built using our Discovery, Prototyping, and RAD Solutions

Communicating with Citizens when Climate Change Disasters Strike

Informing citizens in the midst of a natural disaster is critical. Our Climate Change Impact Portal (CCIP) prototype helps overcome the communication gap between Trusted Authorities and citizens - before, during, and after climate change impacts and natural disasters.

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