Communicating with Citizens when Climate Change Disasters Strike


Why is communication critical?

When it comes to climate change, our research has shown that there is a critical communication gap between ordinary citizens and trusted authorities - government officials, scientists and experts.

As citizens, we don't know how to avoid, mitigate, adapt to, or recover from the growing effects of climate change in our homes and neighbourhoods.

Even if we do act, trusted authorities don't have a way to record our actions and ensure that they are effective. We need some way to overcome this communication gap and help citizens before, during, and after climate change disasters.



Citizens don't know how to best prepare for climate impacts.


Citizens are confused by false or misleading information about climate change.

Emotional Overload

Uncertainty and threat of climate change overwhelms citizens.


Authorities can't easily guide or inform citizens when disaster strikes.


Authorities don't know what actions citizens are taking.


Our Prototype - Climate Change Impact Portal (CCIP)

Practical advice and clear guidance before, during, or after a disaster (such as a flood).

Simple, mobile-friendly website.

Scalably and securely deployed in the cloud.

Meeting the Needs of Citizens and Trusted Authorities

Citizens and trusted authorities have different needs. So, we've designed two distinct websites, with unique features, content and data, security and infrastructure! The overall solution will be:

Practical advice and clear guidance before, during, and after a flood or other disaster.

Citizen-focused, via a simple mobile-friendly website.

An accurate, data-driven reporting and communication channel for Trusted Authorities.

Cloud-hosted: scalably and securely deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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