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Our Vision

Build a world where every organization can use software apps powered by space data.

Our Mission

Deploy Solutions connects space-based Earth Observation data with the needs of organizations and businesses by providing innovative Space Apps — software applications which use data from space.

The opportunities unlocked by this data are endless, because with the right applications, space data can address the needs of a wide range of global markets. We offer a way to unlock these markets by combining our software expertise and space sector knowledge to develop innovative, transparent end-user software applications.

We streamline the software development process using a space software factory —a standardised approach with unique outcomes. This allows us to reduce development costs, risks, and the total cost of ownership, empowering organisations to take advantage of space data.

Our Values

The values of the company are transparency, trustworthiness, leadership, and passion for the space community. Deploy Solutions shares our solutions freely and openly wherever possible, with our content often licensed under Creative Commons and our code under Apache License. To support the Canadian space sector, we sponsor community events such as Space Apps Ottawa, a NASA International Space Apps Hackathon with a Canadian flavour.

We Build Great Space Apps, for the World.

Our Founder

Nick Kellett has taken advantage of his programming skills to live and work around the world while following developments in the space sector for nearly 30 years.

With a passion for space, technical expertise, business credentials and many years of experience attending and organizing space applications events, he can help your business do great things with space data.

Nick has been writing about space exploration since 2013.

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