Reduce the Cost, Duration, Effort, and Risk of your space data-driven software applications

From citizen-focused climate change portals, to cloud-hosted big data analytics apps, we can harness space data to meet YOUR needs.

Deploy Solutions connects Earth observation data with the needs of organisations and businesses by providing innovative Space Apps - software applications which use data from space.

We streamline the software development process using a space software factory - a standardised approach with unique outcomes. This allows us to reduce development costs, risks, and the total cost of ownership, empowering organisations to take advantage of space data.


We streamline the software development process using our proprietary Space Apps Software Factory

Turnkey yet Customizable
We build strong foundations using reusable components and standard configurations...that can be extended by custom development or integrations.

Scalable and secure by design
Software components produced by the factory are chosen, configured, and continuously tested for scability and security, using manual, automated, and even AI-driven QA processes.

Rapidly produced
We tackle the riskiest elements first with short, creative proof-of-concepts experiments that are tightly tied to specific, measurable, attainable, rewarding, and time-bound goals.

Find out how Deploy Solutions can help your organisation benefit from space data

App Discovery and Design

We help you identify, document and plan how software and big data will achieve your business goals and deliver a great user experience, keeping within your project constraints.

Hosted Prototype

We rapidly produce a working prototype hosted in our cloud - completely turn-key! Now you can show off your prototype and data to your colleagues, partners, and clients.

Rapid App Development

Using the App Discovery and Design and Hosted Prototype solutions as a foundation, we build a production-ready software application, hosted in your cloud environment.


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