Thanks & Recognition

At Deploy Solutions, we place great importance on experimental and experiential learning, rapid iterations, innovations, and creativity. We enjoy mentoring and providing meaningful work experiences to students and recent graduates.

We are also greatly concerned about climate change, and believe that when it comes to individual climate action, there’s a communication gap between ordinary citizens, and what we call Trusted Authorities. We believe it may be possible for software to help close this gap.

But to prove this, we needed to ask questions, and listen to the answers.

Accordingly, we partnered with Riipen, the premium online platform for virtual project-based learning, to embed our climate change research projects into the academic curriculum in institutions all over North America, and globally.

Over the last 18 months we have worked with over 100 students from 20 universities in North America and Australia.

We also spent months conducting video surveys with Canadian citizens, NGOs, government officials, and scientists.

Working together, we've completed numerous business and technical research projects and surveys which advance our collective understanding of climate change impacts and the potential of software development to address them.

We will begin publishing much of our data later this summer.

Thanks and Recognition Website

We've created a website to give thanks and recognition to the student and other  contributors to our Climate Change and Space Apps Hackathon projects. The website lists experiential learning and open source projects, and provides a small showcase of the work and project outcomes.