Our Unique Software Factory

Based on over two decades of global, award-winning software development experience, our technology and methodology can generate quality applications quickly and cost-effectively, while substantially increasing the likelihood of achieving business goals.


Our approach

Our innovative software factory approach rapidly produces turn-key business applications using Earth Observation and other data sources, providing you with a reliable and high-value way to make use of satellite data.

While we will happily tailor our solution to the specific needs of your organisation, our tried-and-tested, standardised software factory approach reduces the typical cost and time barriers of developing bespoke software.

We streamline the software development process using our proprietary Space Apps Software Factory - a standardised approach with unique outcomes. This allows us to reduce development time, risks, and the total cost of any space data project, so you can start using space data in the most efficient way!

Our Deploy Solutions software factory-produced applications are:



Turnkey yet customizable

Rapidly produced

Open source and standards based


Secure by design

Low cost and high value


Communicating with Citizens when Climate Change Disasters Strike

Practical advice and clear guidance before, during, and after a flood or other disaster

Citizen-focused, via a simple mobile-friendly website

An accurate, data-driven reporting and communication channel for Trusted Authorities

Cloud-hosted: scalably and securely deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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What is Space Data?

"Space data" or "big data from space" refers to any dataset whose origin is an individual satellite, satellite constellation, station, or other platform orbiting in space. Datasets can include atmospheric or astrophysical measurements, but the most commonly used are probably satellite images taken of the Earth.

What is a Space App?

Coined by NASA for their annual International Space Apps hackathon, there's no formal definition. We describe it as a software application that uses data from space to achieve business goals and objectives. Many of the software applications you've built or used may be considered "space apps".

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