Reduce the Risk, Cost, Effort, and Duration of Your Next Software Project


"It's a sad fact: only a third of software projects fully succeed. Our mission is to help you transform the way you manage your projects and thereby reduce your cost, effort, duration and risk."

Nicholas Kellett
CEO & Founder, Deploy Software Solutions


Source: "The 2015 CHAOS Report" by the Standish Group.

We Can Help Your Software Project With...

High-Impact Consulting

Goals & Requirements

Keep your team focused on the things that really matter to your project success:  the key business goals and requirements.

Strategies & Plans

What's the migration strategy? UX design? What features go in what sprint? The fine details are crucial - and they need to fit your high-level approach.

Scheduling & Tracking

We balance technical and business know-how and experience to help your PM overcome any obstacle, and stay on track.

Deployments & Releases

High stakes, high rewards - when it comes to deploying software, the pressure's on! We can reduce the stress, and increase the success.

You Can Rely on Us Because...

Our staff have a proven track record, decades of experience, & global insight

We follow "Best Practices" approaches to project management & software delivery

We leverage a methodology that is laser-focused on achieving your project goals & objectives

We provide strategic consulting & support services, "on demand" when you need them most

What Can We Do For You?

Ready to discuss your software project's specific needs? We will work with you to understand your project goals, status, and concerns. We can then produce a consulting estimate to help you succeed. Make a no-obligation appointment now.