Reduce the Cost, Duration, Effort, and Risk
of your space data-driven software applications

Deploy Solutions connects space-based Earth Observation data with the needs of organisations and businesses by providing innovative Space Apps — software applications which use data from space.

We streamline the software development process using a software factory —a standardised approach with unique outcomes. This allows us to reduce development costs, risks, and the total cost of ownership, empowering organisations to take advantage of space data.

What's a "Space App"?

Coined by NASA for their annual International Space Apps hackathon, there's no formal definition. We describe it as a software application that uses data from space to achieve business goals and objectives. Its characteristics include:

  • Always includes data from space
  • Rapid development, creativity, and innovative approaches to problem solving
  • Focus on user experience and adoption
  • Solution is mostly or entirely open source
  • Generally fits in the "downstream" or "end user" segments of the space industry value chain

Many of the software applications you've built or used may be considered space apps.

Your needs are unique.

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