Software Factory for Building Space Apps

What It Is

  • A set of software tools and processes that handles 80% or more of the common and key requirements for building a "space app" (a software application that uses data from space - see below)
  • Favours configurations and standardizations instead of custom development
  • Decreases software project failure risks and timelines when building space apps
  • Delivers high return on investment (ROI) compared to expensive consulting and in-house development
  • Decreases total cost of ownership (TCO) over the lifetime of the space app

Why We Need It

  • Growing space sector activity and urgent need is dramatically increasing amounts of data from space
  • Managing this data and building downstream space apps is incredibly complex, time consuming, and expensive
  • It remains a struggle to achieve its potential and get this data in the hands of end users
  • Mass production of space apps requires a software factory approach that uses little or no custom development to quickly and reliably build space apps which meet the business needs and put space data in the hands of end users.

What's a "Space App"?

Coined by NASA for their annual International Space Apps hackathon, there's no formal definition. We describe it as a software application that uses data from space to achieve business goals and objectives. Its characteristics include:

  • Always includes data from space
  • Rapid development, creativity, and innovative approaches to problem solving
  • Focus on user experience and adoption
  • Solution is mostly or entirely open source
  • Generally fits in the "downstream" or "end user" segments of the space industry value chain

Many of the software applications you've built or used may be considered space apps.


Our Software Factory approach is based on over two decades of global, award-winning software development experience and can generate quality applications quickly and cost-effectively. It focuses on reducing the rate of software project failures, thereby increasing the likelihood of achieving business goals

We tackle the riskiest elements first with short, creative proof-of-concepts experiments that are tightly tied to specific, measurable, attainable, rewarding, and time-bound goals. We then communicate closely with customers and users to adjust the application in response to actual results and user feedback, making extensive use of academic partnerships in North America and elsewhere. Where possible, we make the resulting software and tools open source in order to encourage ongoing adoptions and improvements.

You may be interested in our space apps software factory if... are a satellite data provider or intermediary who wants to embed your data into end user software solutions, at scale

…you work for a government organization and want to maximize the potential of Space-based Earth Observation (SBEO) and other space data

…you are a GIS software developer or ISV, and want to speed up your development efforts while decreasing your risk, time, effort, and expense, or you want to integrate your product or service into a space app.

What Can We Build For You?

Ready to discuss how our space apps software factory can meet your specific needs?

We will set up an initial appointment to understand your particular business goals and objectives for using space data in a software application. We can then produce a detailed roadmap to help you succeed.