After Your Project Ends

Lacking a clear picture of how the project went?

Unsure what can, and should, be improved?

Need help creating templates, content, and tools that really work?

We offer Post-Project Support services to assist your project manager.


Feedback & Lessons Learned

Project Analysis

Templates & Accelerators

Feedback & Lessons Learned

It's vital to gather feedback and lessons right after your project ends, in order to improve future projects.

We help you gather project team, stakeholder, and end user feedback objectively and reliably using workshops and surveys, which we aggregate into a set of "Lessons Learned", for the benefit of your subsequent projects.

Key Benefits

  • Gather feedback methodically and objectively to increase response accuracy
  • "Positivity" approach encourages constructive responses and transparency
  • Aggregate feedback to detect trends
  • Recommend "lessons learned" to optimize future project plans and tasks

Project Analysis

If you don't measure it, you can't improve it.  Deep dive into the results of your completed project,  analyze the feedback and lessons learned, and compare your baseline metrics against your actual results.

The objective analysis results in a formal report that suggests areas of improvement. If adopted, these reduce the cost, duration, effort, and risk of future projects.

Key Benefits

  • Deep dive into the expected vs actual results of your project
  • Objective analysis shows areas of improvement
  • Suggestions can be used to reduce the cost, effort, duration, and risk of future projects
  • Areas of improvement cost-estimated and prioritized

Templates & Accelerators

Working manually from scratch every project is a waste of your organization's time and money. It also creates inconsistencies, oversights, and opportunities for errors.

We help you create reusable templates, content, and tools that accelerate your team's project efforts, saving you time and money while improving the quality of their results. Leverage our licensed project material to truly fast-forward your team.

Key Benefits

  • Reusable templates and content snippets kick-start project documentation and deliverables
  • Custom automated tools speed up your project team's important or repetitive tasks
  • Increase deliverable quality and reduce risk
  • Leverage our existing licensed project material as a starting point

Our High-Impact Consulting Services

We support your planning, management, and delivery activities before, during, and after your software projects. Our High-Impact Consulting services are results oriented, flexible and collaborative, and cost-effective.

For Consulting Firms

Constant improvement is the name of the consulting game: gather feedback; analyze potential improvements to your profitability and success rate; and create reusable templates, tools, and content to maximize your productivity.

For Software Vendors

Provide valuable project-driven feedback and insight that helps your Product Manager prioritize your product road-map. Accelerate your professional services and partner consulting teams with templates and tools that increase implementation and adoption success.

For Senior Management

If you don't measure it, you can't improve it. Gather objective feedback from your project team and stakeholders. Rigorously analyze it to surface areas of improvement. Save your organization time and money, while improving project deliverable quality.

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