Radarsat-1 Liberators

"Realtor.ca, for RADARSAT!"

In less than 48-hours at Space Apps Ottawa hackathon 2019, a small team tackled the Canadian Space Agency- and Natural Resources Canada-proposed challenge: automate searches on the EODMS system to identify rich sets of geospatial Radarsat-1 imagery to process.

We use our LaunchPad Methodology to reduce your software project's



Software, documentation, tools provided under open source license to encourage commercial adoption, and increase quality and distribution.



Accelerate delivery via standardized content, tools, solution blueprints, task and project templates and extensive use of "best of breed" tools.



Hypothesis and experiment-based approach  to promote learning and sustainable delivery improvements, while meeting project goals.



Domain specific language for recording insights and advice from consultants, partners, and clients, which leverages data analytics and AI.



Set - and then track and deliver against - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Rewarding, Time-bound (SMART) project goals and objectives.

How does it help?

Our LaunchPad Methodology is based on over two decades of global and award-winning software development experience. It is focused on reducing the rate of software project failures and increasing the likelihood of achieving business goals.

We tackle the riskiest elements first with creative, short proof of concepts and experiments that are tightly tied to SMART Goals and Objectives. We communicate closely with customers and users and adjust the features and approach in response to actual results and user feedback. We make extensive use of academic partnerships in North America and elsewhere. Where possible, we open source the resulting software and tools, in order to encourage ongoing adoptions and improvements.


" I wanted Deploy Solutions to help with two costly business problems relating directly to Project Delivery - scope creep and schedule slippage. And they delivered! With Deploy Solutions we are building project templates and documentation that give us a repeatable Project Management process that will serve us for years to come. "

Don Jones
Partner, MetaData Solutions ABC Ltd.

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